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History of Black Falcon Games LLC!
Black Falcon Games LLC was founded in Spring 2010 by Charles Plemons as part of a capstone project completing a Master of Science degree in Technology Management at Western Kentucky University. Initially, the focus was black and white modular modern maps. However, with support and editing assistance from his wife and playtesting from his gaming group, Charles set out to provide a variety of useful gaming accessories.

Color maps, random generators, and stat block collections were added to the line-up, and Black Falcon Games maintained a weekly product release schedule for two consecutive years! With well over 150 PDFs available, Black Falcon Games continues to provide regular releases and explore different product lines.

Black Falcon Games products available now exclusively at DriveThruRPG / RPGNow!

Staff Profile — Charles Plemons

An avid gamer for nearly three decades, Charles runs weekly tabletop games of various systems. Before launching Black Falcon Games LLC, Charles spent several years in the RPG industry as a freelance writer and editor working with companies such as Atlas Games, Bastion Press, Eden Studios Inc., Green Ronin Publishing, Mystic Eye Games, Paradigm Concepts, Thunderhead Games, Samurai Sheepdog, and Sword & Sorcery Studios.

Staff Profile — Rheanna Plemons

A former English and literacy teacher with a Doctorate of Education in Leadership, Rheanna wields the deadly red editor pen. When not fixing typos and rewording text, she handles product layout for the D-Percent line.

Playtesting and Inspiration

Many Black Falcon Games products got their start filling a need for a gaming group or came about following one or more gaming sessions. Special thanks to the players who knowingly or not contributed to so many releases.

  • Harm IncorporatedChris Harmon, Parker Harmon, Peyton Harmon, Preston Harmon, Jim Zuccarell, Jimmy Zuccarell
  • Phoenix Gaming ClubTaylor Averdick, Kaliegh Belda, Shane Bradley, Nick Cobb, Stephen Harmon, Ken McCutchen, Andrew Renfrow, Casey Scruggs, Isaiah Sheridan, Colby Westerfield


Black Falcon Games LLC is owned and operated by Charles W. Plemons III.

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