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Black Falcon Games offers a variety of product lines to enhance your tabletop gaming experience:

  • D-Percent — Over 80 random generators from treasures, character descriptions, names, container contents, and much, much more.
  • Modern Floor Plans — Printable black & white modern building plans on a 1-inch grid including banks, morgues, stores, warehouses, and more.
  • ModuMaps — Printable full color modular dungeon tiles utilizing a 1-inch grid. Includes many FREE and PAY WHAT YOU WANT titles! Get your free samples today.
  • Pre-Generated PC and NPC OGL Stat Blocks for Pathfinder Roleplaying GameTM

    • Cohorts & Companions — Twenty stat blocks (CR 1/2 to 19) suitable for an ally or cohort NPC.
    • Elite Enemies — Twenty stat blocks (CR 1 to 20) of thematically similar enemies: The Awakened, Bugbears, Demonic Adversaries, Gnolls, and Morlocks.
    • Gruesome Gangs — A rival team of NPCs—five enemies, four stat blocks each—ready-to-play at several different Challenge Ratings.
    • Instant Character — Twenty stat blocks (level 1 to 20) of a ready-to-play player character to hand to your latest guest or quickly replace a fallen character.
    • Nemesis NPCs — Twenty stat blocks (CR 1/2 to 19) of a fearsome foe who advances along with your characters and is ready to drop in at any time no matter what level they've attained since their last meeting.
  • Quickies — Printable full color bunker tiles for military or modern genres.
  • Take Five — Printable full color collections of related tokens for a 1-inch grid including siege engines, fantasy boats, and modern boats.

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